Practice Day

Some for of normality on this rather damp bank holiday…. PRACTICE DAY 2021!

We will be holding out practice day on the 23rd May from 10am. The practice day will be open to all formulas. The cost will be £25 per car. Unfortunately strictly NO spectators.

As we are still under certain restrictions the following procedure will be carried out for practice day:
– Drivers to book in via this link:
– Please put in the correct details for track and trace purposes
– To keep to the rule of 6 it will be driver plus 5 others ONLY, please ensure you put in attendees, anyone missed off wont be allowed in.
– You must arrive together if not in the same vehicle.
– Gates will open at 10am.
– Gates will close at 12pm. If you are not in by this time you will not be allowed in.
– Payment will be taken on arrival
– You will be given a wristband on entry this is to go round the pillar of your race car, if you dont put it on you wont be allowed on track.
– Please ensure you wear face masks and coverings at ALL times, if you cannot wear a mask DO NOT attend, unless medically exempt.
– NO Spectators will be allowed, if you are not on the list to come in you will be turned away

A couple of other points that im sure people will ask…

– Mr B’s will be in attendance
– Licences can be purchased
– Transponders can be purchased