Points are posted here after the meeting. These are not official until after the committee meeting on the Wednesday following a race meeting. Amendments and any drivers that registered at a meeting are also added or removed if not yet registered.

Points Last Updated 04/05/2024


116Seth TurnerGold / Red🔴108
204Joe JacksonRed🔴92
191Harry LeeceRed🔴85
691Archie SnapeRed🔴82
163Neveah MattersonBlue🔵73
325Harvey DempsterBlue🔵63
225Adam ArmisteadBlue🔵54
626Jamie WrightBlue🔵39
262George EllisonSilver / Yellow🟡21
709Ben MolloyYellow🟡20
832Olivia FretterYellow🟡16
272Eddie TysonWhite⚪4
180Declan JohnsonWhite⚪3
473Devon SouthwardWhite⚪3

Stock Cars

718Craig MorphetS/S Red🟠7123.66666667
446Josh VickersS/S Red🟠6130.5
36Connor SinclairRed🔴5919.66666667
123Stephen HoggarthSilver / S/S Red🟠4522.5
828Edward MccannBlue🔵4314.33333333
292Chloe EllisonBlue🔵4314.33333333
23Dean HoggarthRed🔴3919.5
911Tom LoxamRed🔴3819
195Bobby LewneyBlue🔵3511.66666667
757Martin ChadwickGold / S/S Red🟠3434
48Kevin ChadwickRed🔴3216
212Josh FisherBlue🔵2613
170Craig HodgsonBlue🔵2211
555John ByramBlue🔵199.5
668Aaron WinderYellow🟡157.5
22John HarrisBlue🔵1111
27Chris TysonYellow🟡105
746Gary KitchingYellow🟡99
424Joel HarrisYellow🟡94.5
219Brandon BellWhite⚪42
9Nick BellWhite⚪41.333333333
199Stephen HansfordWhite⚪31
111Lawson RobertsonWhite⚪00

Senior Minis

7Shaun YeatsSilver / Red🔴132
476Conner BellRed🔴97
59Mark BrookRed🔴60
336Andrew ScholesRed🔴54
380Jack AldersonRed🔴48
52Derek TwistBlue🔵46
214Amy GardnerBlue🔵39
216Gavin DayBlue🔵37
88Robbie HoltBlue🔵37
183Claire RobinsonYellow🟡18
224Chloe KitchingYellow🟡18
231Callum LamontYellow🟡17
139Dave BellYellow🟡9
234Gary WrightWhite⚪7
241Lee EdgeWhite⚪6
346Mark Gregory SnrWhite⚪5
232Macually HarrisonWhite⚪2

Junior Rookies

119TJ TeareRed🔴68
407Lily DawsonRed🔴55
96Oscar BoothRed🔴48
55Robbie BenthamRed🔴39
298Joshua DooleyBlue🔵33
339Harvey TaylorBlue🔵28
642Alfie SmithBlue🔵27
530Dylan HeathwayBlue🔵22
376Kade BromleyYellow🟡15
471Darcy SouthwardYellow🟡13
906Nancy BoothYellow🟡4
525Layton BenthamYellow🟡4
114Bailey MckennaYellow🟡4
193Jonathon CrostonWhite⚪3
552Darcy LawsonWhite⚪2


60Dan CroskellSilver / Red🔴50
466Dalton SteeleRed🔴44
155Andy PrestonGold / Red🔴29
274Danny McMullanRed🔴28
120Lewis FallowsRed🔴25
343Mark ShawBlue🔵19
32Connor ByramBlue🔵18
829Anthony DooleyBlue🔵10
474Jamie NoonBlue🔵10
197Jordan HartleyBlue🔵9
16Ryan ShuttleworthYellow🟡8
379Shaun TurnerYellow🟡8
165Dan LambertYellow🟡6
395James FryerYellow🟡4
290Jonathan HarrisonWhite⚪3
666Sam DuckettWhite⚪9
341Sean LowtherWhite⚪8
252Finlay BenthamWhite⚪6

Ladies Bangers

185Hannah MacnealSilver / Red🔴70
686Eleanor MorphetGold / Red🔴59
239Mollie TaylorRed🔴49
135Charlotte HaworthRed🔴43
390Brooke AldersonBlue🔵42
92Julie LomasBlue🔵39
238Ellie ByramBlue🔵31
93Amy LomasBlue🔵15
31Rhiannon WoodsYellow🟡13
776Sophie HartshornYellow🟡12
81Gemma LordYellow🟡7
102Summer DicksonWhite⚪6
94Tia LomasWhite⚪3
682Bethany MorphetWhite⚪3