Metal Mania 2022!

Booking are now open for our first big meeting of our 50th anniversary season is the annual Metal Mania on Sunday 20th March. Back in to its slightly more normal spot of March. This year we have unlimited bangers and micro bangers on to make it a really full contact day. Unlimited bangers were on week in week out for years and always a big fan favourite around the tight track of Warton, over recent years we have had visitors from far and wide come and sample the “Northern” attitude to bangers and has made them come back for more time and time again. Will we see some more big names come and sample what real bangers is all about. With us heading into our 50th season, the club wants to make this one of the biggest and best metal mania’s to date. With early booking incentives for unlimiteds, travel money and a big prize fund up for grabs it really is one not to be missed.
As with recent running’s of Metal Mania we will be allowing the bigger FWD unlimited size cars FWD Volvos, yanks etc all been allowed to mix it up. Getting use out of something that may normally be chucked away. If you have something that may fit this bill and are unsure, drop us a message and we will confirm. Remember no mondeos/cougars etc allowed. Reminder that the 1.4 fiesta and 1.4 Corsa are allowed at Warton.
As well as the unlimited bangers and micro bangers we will also have the massively popular Junior Rookies, Ladies Bangers and the fast and furious Stock cars on the card, setting it up for one action packed day.
Lets get our 50th season under way in style and make this the biggest and best Metal Mania to date!
📙Drivers can book in via the post, page, or on 07546 465135.📙

List Updated – 08.02.2022 22:53​


🏁Unlimited Bangers – 33🏁
9 Tom Jordan
16 Ryan Shuttleworth
32 Connor Byram
57 Mark Gilbert
77 Patxi Beasley
99 Shaydy Gough
102 Jeff Pratt
103 Jack Deacon
113 Lee Waller
143 Sam Snowden
169 James Rushton
183 Mitch Banton
195 Reece Marsh
211 Jamie Pole
269 Tom Morris
275 Joe Morgan
310 John Nicholson
347 Red Nelson
360 Jack Reynolds
366 Nathan Wren
388 Stevo McGrath
410 Jake Calvert
429 Joe Staveley
466 Dalton Steele
477 Jack Speirs
478 Chris Speirs
526 Jack Denikiewicz
555 Harry Gelsthorp
617 Danny Everett
639 Tye Williams
710 Cameron McBain
712 Alex Hatcliffe
999 Tim Holloway
🏁Micro Bangers – 41🏁
03 Aidan Greenhow
12 Alex Byram
51 Scott Burbidge
60 Dan Croskell
61 Phil Gorst
90 Andy Preston
95 Jonathon Croad
100 Owen Airey
102 Jeff Pratt
108 John Fretter
109 Mark Dixon
120 Lewis Fallows
126 Dylan Sykes
135 Matty Simpson
165 Dan Lambert
166 Andy Armstrong
167 Lewis Walker
181 Jordan Cadman
193 James Hogg
197 Jordan Hartley
207 Ste Wood
231 Callum Lamont
232 Ryan Fretter
296 Jordan Smith
310 John Nicholson
340 Jay Atkinson
341 Sean Lowther
343 Mark Shaw
379 Shaun Turner
409 Carl Pears
433 Karl Craig
461 Josh Cooke
478 Craig Royal
515 Jay Ewin
537 Paul Mason
547 Adam Greenock
549 Jordan Tyson
623 Matty Macfarlane
666 Sam Duckett
777 Jamie Thornborrow
910 Jake Croft
🏁Junior Rookies – 23🏁
21 Jaiden Molyneux
104 Alfie Jones
109 Ben Molloy
113 Bobby Peel-Waller
114 Bailey Mckenna
142 Adelle Walmsley
151 Mia Burbidge
192 Keiran Croston
209 Zac Pears
242 Thomas Sim
246 Oliver Smith
252 Finlay Bentham
308 Joss Procter
339 Harvey Taylor
350 Liam Peel
407 Lily Dawson
410 Barry Calvert
411 Ella Calvert
476 Archie Speirs
575 Shaay Ogden
691 Archie Snape
801 Alfie Hosey
809 Toby Tyson
821 Charlie Cooper
🏁Ladies Bangers – 10🏁
31 Rhiannon Woods
115 Aiddy Byram
156 Janet Hankinson
220 Emma Molloy
222 Lauren Murgatroyd
238 Ellie Byram
239 Mollie Taylor
627 Bekah Everett
686 Eleanor Morphet
924 Jess Riches
🏁Stock Cars – 6🏁
99 Charlie Mackenzie
177 Gavin Bell
187 James Lancaster
219 Brandon Bell
292 Chloe Ellison

828 Edward Mccann