Results are posted here after the meeting. These are not official until after the committee meeting on the Wednesday following a race meeting, in case there are any issues.

Page Last Updated: 19/05/2024

Silver Wheels Cup

Ministox Heat 1691163191204225262626325305832
Senior Minis Heat 152713924218388476336224216
Stock Cars Heat 1757446828971842421948199195
Junior Rookies Heat 15540711496376182497298525131
1600cc Bangers Heat 122719712053716834319851060
1600cc Bangers Heat 2268102474155466252224999350
Ministox Heat 2116
Senior Minis Heat 27242521831395933688224188
Stock Cars Heat 2668757828446292942471819574
Junior Rookies Heat 255339182642114906298407376
1600cc Bangers Heat 3252
Ministox Final691325191116204262305832433913
Senior Minis Final7521838824259336188
Stock Cars Final6687578284467184819974
Junior Rookies Final64255114298539182131497525
1600cc Bangers Final227601988120341510102537343
Ministox Grand National116325191691163626225305433
Senior Minis Grand National7183242885233659
Stock Cars Grand National7578284461952927187448199
Junior Rookies Helter Skelter5540729896642906114131339
1600cc Bangers Dash 4 Cash60
1600cc Bangers DD227/350

Invaders 55 Meeting

Mini F2 Stock Car Race 1122820213610117108164166H02
Mini F2 Stock Car Race 2122108202164755101178635136
Ministox Heat 1116163262325191204691225626832
Senior Minis Heat 17476523805921488224346232
Stock Cars Heat 1911212336123195292718555746424
Ladies Bangers Heat 19268618513539023923893682102
1800cc B2B Bangers Heat 14742746016252696553
1800cc B2B Bangers Heat 250618547155106406207501497792
Mini F2 Stock Car Race 316420210810635117136H028123
Ministox Heat 2116163191204691325225626832473
Senior Minis Heat 27380214524765933688346232
Stock Cars Heat 291171821212336424555336292668
Ladies Bangers Heat 21352381856869310277642081682
1800cc B2B Bangers Heat 32744661851451069650654789267
1800cc B2B Bangers Heat 46646046446188616510729054155
Mini F2 Stock Car Race 410136108122202H03164635755117
Ministox Final116191225691204325163626832473
Senior Minis Final7380522144765933634622488
Stock Cars Final9112121237183622668555746828
Ladies Bangers Final6861859213523981776
1800cc B2B Bangers Final4662741551851460
Ministox Grand National204691225163116325626191832473
Senior Minis Grand National38021475947688224
Stock Cars Grand National6683671855522746911292424195
Ladies Bangers Helter Skelter18568639092239135776
1800cc B2B Bangers Dash 4 Cash274
1800cc B2B Bangers DD514

Spring Showdown

Ministox Heat 1163116191691709204626325
Senior Minis Heat 18372164762315952241336224
Stock Cars Heat 1828364844671819517029221927
Junior Rookies Heat 15540711996376298114193471
Micro Bangers Heat 1466120341547
Ministox Heat 2204116709225191163691325626832
Senior Minis Heat 2837476336216521398859231
Stock Cars Heat 229282836446718170195948219
Junior Rookies Heat 211940796339298
Micro Bangers Heat 231060155197156308395
Ministox Final116325204163709691225191272
Senior Minis Final7476833365221623113988224
Stock Cars Final446828292170481952736199424
Junior Rookies Final1195540796339298525471
Micro Bangers Final60666379
Ministox Grand National325204691191116225626832272
Senior Minis Grand National8347652336231721688139
Stock Cars Grand National8282927184461701954827555219
Junior Rookies Helter SkelterVOID
Micro Bangers Dash 4 Cash310
Micro Bangers DD379

Easter Speed King

Ministox Heat 1204163225691191262325180
Senior Minis Heat 1747659234214216183241336224
Stock Cars Heat 123757367181701234464827199
Big Van Bangers Heat 1829429233158
Micro Bangers Heat 14666032120540155129156197165
Ministox Heat 2191204691626163325832
Senior Minis Heat 274763365938018321488224
Stock Cars Heat 2757231704461233648195292828
Big Van Bangers Heat 242934316149233
Micro Bangers Heat 232120540156712466
Ministox Final116191691225204262626325163832
Senior Minis Final74763365988183380216224
Stock Cars Final231707577184463612348195292
Big Van Bangers Final343429696
Micro Bangers Final540
Ministox Grand National191691116204626163325262
Senior Minis Grand National47675988216336183380224
Stock Cars Grand National17071812375744623195828489
Big Van Bangers Dash 4 Cash233
Big Van Bangers DD343
Micro Bangers Dash 4 Cash32
Micro Bangers DD540

Metal Mania

Junior Rookies Heat 11194075553096642298471906
Ladies Bangers Heat 11859223939068631135238693
Unimited Bangers Heat 17741
1600cc Bangers Heat 1227179155198341
Junior Rookies Heat 211964240796530298471339552906
Ladies Bangers Heat 2135239639018592312389394
Unimited Bangers Heat 2275847741886431
1600cc Bangers Heat 22271798341999
Junior Rookies Final1195540753064296376339298471
Ladies Bangers Final6861853906239238319394
Unimited Bangers Final842754177
1600cc Bangers Final227198601791558
Junior Rookies Helter Skelter1193399664229837640755530906
Ladies Bangers Helter Skelter1852396862383906
Unimited Bangers Dash 4 Cash77
Unlimited Bangers DD77
1600cc Bangers Dash 4 Cash227
1600cc Bangers DD60

Mid Winter Madness

Mini F2 Stock Cars Race 110136117108871641222301
Mini F2 Stock Cars Race 21171087551081222301
Junior Rookies Heat 16424072985596193308906
1600cc Bangers Heat 12276034328129135156428155999
Mini F2 Stock Cars Race 3107551171367301903108
MIni F2 Stock Cars Race 475510811716413673019031
Junior Rookies Heat 26422985596143906
1600cc Bangers Heat 260831155428135136343156213
Mini F2 Stock Cars Race 5108117816413630121
Junior Rookies Final64240739330996
1600cc Bangers Final608227136711999213155
Mini F2 Stock Cars Race 67164117810813630121221
Junior Rookies Helter Skelter96407393308298309642193906
1600cc Bangers Dash 4 Cash60
1600cc Bangers DD60