Thank You to all!

Now we have had time to rest our legs and mull over Sundays huge meeting. We simply cannot thank each and every person enough that came to specate we were simply overwhelmed with the support shown. Managing to chat to a few people whilst parking, it was great to see so many first time visitors to the track and even some returning after years of been away. For one family it was their first time back in 30 years! Even some ex racers amongst the visitors making a return. After the last 18 months its was so great to see the place full, with lots of families with smiles on there faces, enjoying been out and enjoying the racing.
We are not perfect by any stretch of the imagination despite having a fantastic team of staff and volunteers. The queueing to get in was a big issue and we can only apologise for those stuck in the queue waiting to get in. We understand also the toilet situation was not ideal and will definately look at bringing in more for previous events.
Despite the above we hope you all enjoyed your day out, the atmosphere throughout the day was fantastic. A big crowd like that certainly adds another element to the racing and drivers passed comment on how fantastic you all were from drivers winning a race, to the cheers of drivers getting out after roll overs or incidents. It really does make all the hard work and planning that goes into these meetings really worth while. We hope to see lots of you again at our future events, for what is a fantastic cheap day out for all the family.
Lastly the club would like to give a special thank you to the numerous volunteers that were drafted in last minute to assist with parking, checking in on the gate and any other big or small jobs they were asked to do, some of which sacrificed missing the racing to help the club, your hard work and help didn’t go unnoticed and we thank you for you help.
Check out this fantastic drone footage showing the crowd and a little snippet of the racing, thank you to Sky Cam Video. for the video, be sure to check out his page for other videos.