29th August Driver & Spectator Info

‼️There is a Road Closed Sign situated at the beginning of Sand Lane on the road up to the track, please ignore this the road is open up to the track. The road is closed just after the house on the corner of the turn off to the track. Please follow the yellow signs for the racing if you are unsure.‼️
The final booking in list is below for all classes and its looking set to be another very busy action packed day in the sun! Sunday is going to be a busy day so please allow plenty of time to get in as there may be queues into the track.
– Advanced tickets will stay on sale until 10pm tonight.
– Gates will be open from 9am
– The entrance road to the track will be seperated for advance tickets and for those paying on the gate. Please make sure your in the correct lane to keep the entrance process running smoothly.
– Spectators please ensure you arrive TOGETHER with those on your advance tickets, if in separate vehicles please ensure you are next inline behind the ticket holder. Please make sure you have your email confirmation/ticket either printed out or on your phone and ready to show the gate staff. QR Codes will be scanned at the gate, any tickets showing as used you will be made to pay before entry is allowed.
– Spectators paying on the gate please try and have as correct change as possible.
– Face Mask/Covering MUST be worn when entering the track shop
– Please make use of hand sanitiser around the site
– Remember regardless of your thoughts about COVID-19 some people may have different feelings and will still want their own space and to wear a mask, if you are asked to move, please show them the respect and move away if requested. There is plenty of space around the site to watch from.
– Ensure you have your licence on hand ready at the gate
– When you get into the pits please ensure you have your Raceiever on as drivers meetings and practice are likely to be called through these
– Practice will be run in the morning like normal for those wishing to get some testing in before the meeting this is normally from around 10:30am. Cars MUST be scrutineered before going out for practice.
– The drivers meeting will commence at 11:40am
– Banger Scrutineering: Please ensure you get there as early as possible there will be a large number of cars to check and we don’t want drivers missing out on races.
– Cars for caravan race MUST have mesh covering 3/4 of the windscreen minimum and drivers door mesh is optional.
– Pit Parking has been organised, please park in the correct area, this will help keep the day running smoothly both for calling drivers up for races and clearing the track after races.
– Minis, Senior Minis, Stock Cars and Junior Rookies please ensure you have a working Transponder AND RACECIEVER. If you do not have one or are unsure it is working please speak to your class scrutineer.
– REMINDER that drivers MUST stay in there vehicle AT ALL times during and AFTER a race and must only exit the vehicle on a marshal’s say so or when you are back in the pits. Drivers that fail to stay in their cars WILL be loaded up for the remainder of the meeting. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!
Please remember to be courteous and show staff the respect they deserve if you are asked to do something, please do so, your been asked to do it for a reason. 󠁧󠁿 Any abuse shown to our staff and you will be removed, you have been warned!
Drivers Booked In To Race:
🏁Caravan Race🏁
13 Chrissy Charnley
23 Nathan Tyson
91 Adam Lomas
95 Jonathan Croad
102 Jeff Pratt
109 Mark Dixon
120 Lewis Fallows
197 Jordan Hartley
207 Steven Wood
429 Joey Staveley
623 Matty Macfarlane
999 Tim Holloway
🏁2 Litre Bangers🏁
10 Charlie Mason
13 Chrissy Charnley
14 Will Walmsley Jnr
23 Nathan Tyson
32 Connor Byram
54 Anthony Johnston
60 Dan Croskell
91 Adam Lomas
95 Jonathan Croad
102 Jeff Pratt
109 Mark Dixon
120 Lewis Fallows
181 Jordan Cadman (P)
197 Jordan Hartley
207 Steven Wood
225 Aaron Garnett
290 Jonathan Harrison
311 Josh Brierley
341 Sean Lowther
414 Wayne Clegg
429 Joey Staveley
466 Dalton Steele
474 Jamie Noon
568 Shamus Wyer
666 Ryan Finney
710 Cameron McBain
711 Charles Harrison
999 Tim Holloway
🏁Junior Rookies🏁
06 Tommy Rawsthorne
21 Jaidan Molyneux
42 Ben Myers
114 Bailey McKenna
142 Adelle Walmsley
182 Charlie Bolton
192 Keiran Croston
218 Logan Winder
239 Mollie Taylor
339 Harvey Taylor
380 Jack Alderson
497 Kaydan Winder
472 Ted Southward
475 Archie Speirs
479 Freddie Speirs
610 Alex McBain Jnr
636 Joshua Hembrow
749 Kyle Fideo
809 Toby Tyson
🏁Stock Cars🏁
9 Nick Bell
36 Connor Sinclair
48 Kev Chadwick
82 Damian Redhead
118 Chris Turner
123 Stephen Hoggarth
187 James Lancaster
195 Bobby Lewney
201 Harry Oliver
219 Brandon Bell
229 Liam Hartley
276 Kane Sharp
282 Richard Ellison
292 Chloe Ellison
358 Jordan Rainford
391 Matty Miller
416 Chris Yeates
491 Josh Whittaker
540 Tom Metcalfe
757 Martin Chadwick
821 Sam Dixon
828 Edward Mccann
911 Tom Loxam
34 Edward Hunt
104 Alfie Jones
116 Seth Turner
225 Adam Armistead
242 Thomas Sim
246 Mark Gregory Jnr
279 Brooke Faulkner
295 Tom Lewney
308 Joss Procter
380 Jack Alderson
390 Brooke Alderson
407 Lily Dawson
471 Darcy Southward
516 Archie Berresford
691 Archie Snape
717 Kieran Morphet
801 Scott Dodd
🏁Senior Minis🏁
35 Thomas Ashdown
52 Derek Twist
59 Mark Brook
71 Alan Brown
75 Lee Chamberlain
135 Charlotte Howarth
139 David Bell
205 Mck Yale
214 Amy Gardner
216 Gavin Day
220 Liam Armistead
241 Lee Edge
261 Matty Troy
422 Arran Haggerston
751 Craig Dawes